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It is not a secret that China is a huge country with a large population and a huge number of talents! What is special about China, is that many international artists from all over the world live and work there for many years and earned love and support of Chinese public. 

Not being Chinese for their origin, they are very popular region, take part in world famous festivals and become residents of Chinese top clubs! Taking into account a lot of factors, this year it was decided to create a separate list TOP20DJANES INTERNATIONAL!  In this list both girls from Europe, and Asia are presented.

We are happy to announce that the first place took startling DJ Pink from Taiwan, who improves the status of the best China’s International DJane. Having participated in Ultra Music Festival China 2017 and also Residence DJane Shanghai’s most famous club MYST. Big round of applause for Pink and our warmest congratulations!

The full list TOP20DJANES INTERNATIONAL can be seen below, as well as in all DJANEMAG CHINA social networks!

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