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Welcome DJ Lizzy on!

Here is one of the best DJ in China at the moment, welcome amazing DJane Lizzy on today!

DJ Lizzy was invited to spin at Los Globos in Los Angelos and Club Circle in NYC, she gained her respect and reputation from her top notch skills and performance.

Her unique production skills earned her residency in one of the top venue in China, Club Dazzle and M2韵. She was

invited twice to spin at the rave festival Trojan with DJ KAKU.

Lizzy spinned with KSHMR and various top producers from China, Including Dirty Class, Panda Q, Carta, Curtis, Tolein, Tak&Tony, and Terry Zhong, at Jungle Madhouse.

Lizzy has played at various music festivals all over Asia, including Madhouse, Trojan, Gse Festival, and Electronic Nuts.

Lizzy was also invited to open for various Top DJs, including GTA, Oliver Heldens, Steve Aoki, Headhunter, Saymyname, and Don Diablo.

Lizzy quickly took over the asian market since her first spin in Shanghai, establishing an international reputation in some of the most famous clubs in Asia and all around the world, including Club Circle in New York City, Los Globos in Los Angeles, Spark, Elements in Beijing, Muse in Shanghai, The One in GuangZhou, Fovea in HK, Water Club in Singapore, and many other clubs all over China and HK.

Lizzy was headliner for Zouk at Sea on their July Gentling Cruise, she was also invited to be the opening DJ for Shenzhen Beer festival at window of the world, attracting hundred of thousands audience all over the world. Lizzy was also invited to hip-hop events like HEYHOU Hello ball, Annual Music ball by PR company Amacliq, and UMF Road to Ultra Hong Kong.

Lizzy gained a great experience on a dance floor which makes her a real club breaker, playing trap, bass, funk, house, DJ Lizzy desires to success and to drop the hottest beat to the crowd.

Lizzy’s unique production skills gained her reputation in many different cities all over the world, her new Songs ‘Kill the Vampire’ and ‘Kombat’ were featured on front page of PYRO since its first date releasing and was ranked #11 and #23 in PYRO.

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