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From Ultra's stage to STELLAR's scene LIZZY bring the hottest musical energy

The most avant-garde electro-sound goddess  LIZZY Explains the rise of Chinese electro-sound production 


Who would have thought that such a sweet model of LIZZY, last night in STELLAR with a cracked typhoon led the whole field to complete a storm


2021.01.16 LIZZY lychee is infected with vibrant LIVE

Round cochlear implant bombing of the scene RAVER

Release her Grill's Power with music


Delicate and sweet, fresh and lovely

Lychee people, as they are famous, are intoxicating

Where the popularity is high, praise is high

Vibrant personality and exciting and stage infectious

Let her deserve to become the country's most dazzling goddess DJ



From Ultra's stage to STELLAR's scene

LIZZY is a warm start on the eve of the STELLAR2021 Spring Festival

Bring the hottest musical energy this winter

Detonated a trendy indoor music festival

Her musical philosophy made her friends in the field so happy to remember