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STELLAR / Xiamen International Fashion Week 2020

On the morning of  4 December , 2020

The annual city-wide fashion extravaganza is on the move

2020 Xiamen International Fashion Week

The Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center was officially opened

This year's Xiamen International Fashion Week is based on the theme of "emergence"

With the concept of pan-fashion as the core, the convergence of brands 170 plus

Committed to gaining insight into the diverse cultures of today's young consumers

and the industry and consumption environment in which everything is symbiotic

Create one for the audience

"Watchable, experienceable, discussable, experable."

Immersive interactive experience space

This fashion week focuses on building MIXPARK fashion concept experimental exhibition, TRENDY UP fashion show, fashion concept FED SHOW, capital docking forum four core IP.

Through this Xiamen Fashion Week opportunity

STELLAR brings a fun and fun experience to the audience

It's a huge fan base

We will continue to explore more possibilities for brands in the market

In the future with more brands to collide with fresh and interesting co-operation sparks