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READ NOW! Some very cool advice FROM LIZZY YAO

Here you can find some very cool advice from @lizzyyao11 , which gives her energy and fuels her soul, support body, mind and spirit; also helps to find balance and inspirations:

1. More time in nature, more sun exposure on my skin (Wakesurf, Wakeboarding, Hike, SUP, just be in salt water makes me happy ;)

2.Daily meditation, stretch and yoga 

3.Listen and play music that make me feel inspired 

4.Create things that make my mind flow (Beats, music sets, sketch and draw things) 

5.Regular calls with parents, family members and share our lockdown stories, love and tears

6.Spend quality time with my HomeKong family & friends, support each other in this difficult time

7.Unplug with all the news and social medias for 24 hours (during the wkend, if no need to handle crisis)

8.Listening to the intuition of my body (only choose to eat the food that makes body happy)

I often fall out, I’m far from perfect - but every time I fall out of ritual, I recommit and remind myself of how good it feels when I’m in it.

So, how do you choose to support yourself right now?… and please remember, you're not alone, try your best to raise the vibration and we are all on this journey, together. --

Credits: @lizzyyao11 ❤️