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READ NOW! DJ Lizzy in an interview, sharing her quarantine experiences

DJANEMAG CHINA launches the series of interviews with DJs, where they share their quarantine experiences and attitude to the situation in the world.

Why are we doing this?

- To share experiences

- To support each other

- To give useful tips and examples on how to deal in isolation

DJ Lizzy answered our questions first and share her emotions and thoughts.  

DJANEMAG CHINA: Where are you from? Is it already possible to go outside in your city?

Lizzy: I live in Shenzhen now and the city seems to have recovered quite well, people are going back to work and showing up on streets.

DJANEMAG CHINA: How did you survive the isolation? Was it difficult for you personally and what feelings did you feel?

Lizzy: It was hard at the beginning, don’t know what do to with that much time at home and effecting my mental health a bit. But then I started to use the time to do things I like but didn’t got time to do before, like cooking for instance.

DJANEMAG CHINA: When do you think the clubs will open their doors again?

Lizzy: I’ve heard some clubs in Shenzhen are already open but I haven’t been to any of them yet. I think more will open during April and May.

DJANEMAG CHINA: What did you learn new in quarantine? Any new hobbies? 

Lizzy: A lot! For that many time spent at home, can’t help to start home organizing, from sanitizing to decluttering and re-decorating my apartment. Also I’ve been cooking a lot, part of the reason is not much restaurants were open, but it definitely helped with my cooking skills. 

And dancing, always wanted to learn some moves. I wasn’t satisfied with online tutorials so I signed up for a class near my place right after the and it has been great to move your body!

DJANEMAG CHINA: What lesson do you think will society learn based on the quarantine and the situation with the virus?

Lizzy: I think everyone will be more conscious on personal hygiene habits, and learn to maintain a healthier physical condition, wether is more workout or healthy food. 

And I think the whole situation has also trained us mentally on how to deal with such sudden issues, like how to maintain a better mindset etc. 


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More interviews with Chinese DJs to be announced soon.

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