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Official announcement of Top 50 DJanes of China 2017


  Let us all congratulate the China Top 50 Djanes of 2017, we greatly appreciate everyone for their hard work in this industry and hobby.  We do see bright future and development in this country and would like to develop the culture in the right direction for the DJanes in China.   All minimum requirements of being a DJane starting from basic, not only on the appearance sight but also on the technical side.  DJ Kaka first Chinese citizen to be nominated and selected for International Top 100 DJanes 2017 at #96 had open the path for the rest of the Chinese DJanes for having more opportunities to work the right way and gain International reconigition.  Let's keep it moving towards the future!  


The full list may be seen below, as well as as in all DJANEMAG CHINA social networks!

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