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Music Festival '' ELECTRIC SKY CARNIVAL ''

First Asian Winter Music Festival '' ELECTRIC SKY CARNIVAL ''


It's the perfect end of the year 2020 ! This year's time

This year's time
We are all desperate to travel, to travel and to get together
And in the moment when the body is not moving far away
SKI became the starting point for happiness and freedom in China

This SKI Ski Electric Carnival undoubtedly bring everyone into another space-time, creating too many firsts, the first time at the top of the snowy mountains with the purest music scene to make everyone extremely happy; Feel the cold, but with thousands of people gathered together feel the blood spray, the first time with the favorite people in the snowy night to watch the light fireworks show and fireworks show, let people warm, romantic extreme, the first time in the resort isolated, Free to enjoy music and skiing, everyone together to build an emotional, relaxed, pleasant and cheerful atmosphere, everyone immersed in it to return to their own.