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Meet DJ&Producer REZZ in China!!!

Meet DJ&Producer REZZ in China!!!

Isabelle Rezazadeh was born in Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada, but is better known by her stage name, REZZ.

DJ and Music producer known for her genre of dark and sinister techno.
She released one of her earliest EPs, Silence is Deafening. She's toured with the likes of Deadmau5 and ATTLAS.

Watching her creative growth is a pleasure. She has come a long way and now she has taken position №3 in the voting of the TOP100DJanes 2019 and got the nomination BEST DJ PRODUCER.

This week you will have cjance to enjoy her performance!


When: 6 December (this Friday!)

Where: Future Nightclub, Nanjing.

Check out more dates below: 

8 DEC - Beehive Nightclub, Shanghai.

13 DEC - One Third Club, Beijing.

14 DEC - Linx Nightclub, Hangzhou.