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DubstepCN TOP 20 Artists 2020

More than half a year to prepare,  2020 DubstepCN TOP 20 Artists

Work with Superface Club Strategy

Together, present this top-notch feast

Also broadcast live online via Weibo

(Read the original text to watch the live review)

Witness with thousands of Chinese bass lovers

This belongs to the highest honor hall of BASS in China

It was a perfect curtain-taker for cheers and applause

Now let's go through time

Go back to that epic moment

After the full audience, the host introduced in turn

Guests and musicians and bass lovers

The musicians under the stage

are showing their energy and SWAG

Break the tension of solidification

There was an agitated mood

This was followed by

Dubstep China Party Host - Nemo

BEAM Master - Zhao Can

The two men delivered a series of speeches and thanks

Talk about the current treatment of Chinese BASS music personal views

and was officially announced by Nemo

"Official Award Ceremony of the 2020 Rankings"