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DJANEMAG CLUB TOUR in your city!

DJANEMAG CLUB TOUR is a platform whereby events are held officially in top clubs around the world. You have unique chance to become a part of this project, to invite the best worldwide known artists out of DJANEMAG TOP100DJanes!

Incredible parties are held with a full media support of website, so hundreds and thousands of music lovers will be informed about the event beforehand and a full house in your club is guaranteed!

DJANEMAG CLUB TOUR creats a very special mood for venues and biggest club’s stages. Let the happiness and the positive energy from the DJANEMAG CLUB TOUR touch your soul. Feel the music and the heartbeat of the clubs like you never felt it before.

Want to organize DJANEMAG CLUB TOUR in your city/country? No problem, write us requests on and our manager'll contact you and give all info, details and conditions. 

Photo taken from @cf_djs instagram, follow them and don't forget to support girls in both TOP100DJanes Poll and TOP50DJanes China!