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China’s Most Photogenic DJane of 2017 is DJ KAMA! Congratulations!!!

China’s Best Duo DJs 2017became CF DJs, girls were also being awarded in TOP200DJANES 2017 poll with a position #184. Congratulations and keep up with the hard work!

China’s NewComer of 2017 - Lizzy!!! Lizzy was also in TOP200DJANES 2017 poll with a position #137! Congratulations to Lizzy)

Residence Djane of 2017 - Michelle Grant!!! Michelle is standing in as Residence DJane of Shanghai M1NT club, the club with most winning awards from different International magazine as Club of the year in China, Outstanding private club and Best club for International crowd in China. She’s also the only female DJ invited to perform at Victoria Secret Show Shanghai 2017. Awesome result Michelle!!!

China’s best scratch DJane - Kiya!!! She's the artist with great passion & skills in scratch mix and were awarded several times in Pioneer DJ scratch competition among other male competitors. Big her up!!!

DJANEMAG China’s assured agency - D.S Entertainment!!! DJANEMAG TOUR’s most reliable DJane booking agency in China!  They took every DJanes’ talent to the peak with quality gigs in Top Marque clubs around China. Discovered Mariana Bo, 2Empress, Da Candy, Olga Ryazanova, etc. New signing for potential artistes like Georgia Mos, Cielo, Oriska, Nastia, Miss Tara & etc.