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DJ Deetox - 36 hours in China!

DJ Deetox - 36 hours in China! 

After starting her hardstyle career back in 2010, Diana Zwerwer, better known to us as Deetox, has been going from one highlight to another.

With a schedule filled with top notch bookings ranging from Bass Academy, XXlerator and Loudness to Decibel, Emporium, Defqon.1 and Q-BASE, it's impossible to miss out on this rising star.

She seizes every opportunity to take her unique brand abroad; from France and Belgium, to Switzerland and Scotland.

All cross Europe she is known for her raw, hard, and outside the box DJ sets!

DJ Deetox visited China, Shenzhen city.  She had a performance in Club bbR. 

DJANEMAG CHINA asked the DJ Deetox about her impressions of the performance. 

She said: "China is more than ready for Hardstyle. I really enjoyed. It was amazing experience, really dedicated crowd."

Thanks DJ Deetox. And we will be glad to see you again. 

To see how it was, you can watch the video below.