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The Chinese Valentine's Day 2019

Dates of Chinese Valentine's Day

In China time zone, 
Year 2017 is on August 28, 2017
Year 2018 is on August 17, 2018
Year 2019 is on August 7, 2019
Year 2020 is on August 25, 2020
Year 2021 is on August 14, 2021
Year 2022 is on August 4, 2022

The Chinese Valentine's Day 2019

Chinese Valentine's Day is on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month in the Chinese calendar. Therefore, it is
also called Chinese Double Seven Festival. Another name using in the Chinese history is The Daughter's
Festival, which is the day for unmarried young girls looking for love.

The Festival

On the Chinese Valentine's Day, people in love like to go to the temple of Matchmaker and pray for their
love and the possible marriage in China. People still single will do the same thing to ask their luck of love
in the Matchmaker temple.

The Chinese Valentine's Day is also called The Daughter's Festival. Long ago, Chinese girls always wanted
to train themselves having a good handcrafting skill like the Weaving Maid. The skill is essential for their
future family. On that night, the unmarried girls may pray for the Weaving Maid star to let them become
smarter. When the star Vega is high up in the sky, girls do a test, which is to put a needle on the water
surface. If the needle doesn't sink, then girl is already smart enough and ready to find a husband. Girls
may ask for any wish, but only one per year.

In some Chinese provinces, people believe that decorating the flowers on the ox's horn on the Chinese
Valentine's Day enables to prevent from the disaster. On the night of Valentine's Day, women wash their
hair to give it a fresh and shiny outlook. Children wash their face in the next morning of the Valentine's
Day using the overnight water in their backyards to have a much more naturally beautiful appearance.
Girls throw the five-color ropes, made at Chinese Dragon Boat festival, on the roof for magpies. Magpies
will carry ropes to build the bridge.

What Gifts Should You Give Your Love in China?

Most of the gifts for Valentine’s Day are the same as in western countries, such as:
Gifts from gentlemen: flowers (traditionally red roses), chocolates, jewelry, a dress, a fashionable bag,
underwear (not suitable for those who have just started dating), a comb, a necklace, etc.
Gifts from ladies: a watch, a tie, a shirt, a shaver, a wallet, a lighter, etc.

As a gentleman, if you choose a bouquet of yellow roses as the gift to your girl, you might need to a
volume of explanation, because presenting yellow roses to someone you love generally symbolizes the
declaration of breaking up.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Wish you wonderful moments,
Be in love every day.
With a person who is worthy.

And be in love with DJ girls.

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