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VIV:  I wish that all female DJs can adhere to themselves and pursue the perfection of music literacy. shows the best music quality. bring to the people more quality music works. I also hope my fans will continue to support me and I will try my best to give you guys the best performance.
Thanks for all support.


DJANEMAG CHINA: How long have you been in music?

VIV: Since 2015 

DJANEMAG CHINA: What would people be surprised to learn about you?

VIV:  I guess maybe if I produce the music make people surprise it . 

DJANEMAG CHINA:  How much better has the industry got for female DJs?

VIV:  I think the female DJ’s title shouldn’t be “female” because this time , I think everybody is fair. And girls sometimes can show the different feeling about music too.

DJANEMAG CHINA: What is your attitude to DJs rankings?

VIV:  DJs rankings can help people know about DJs in fast way sometimes.
It’s good things 

DJANEMAG CHINA:  How would you describe the aesthetic of your mixes? How many hours do you usually spend selecting music? What influences your choice?

VIV:  I like to mix different style music during my live set.and I’d like to talk about whole story in my set .and I want to make people can feel surprise about my set.

DJANEMAG CHINA: Is there a DJ/artist you dream to do a collaboration with? 

VIV:  Yes. There have a lot amazing artist . Hannah Wants/Alesso/KSHMR.... 

DJANEMAG CHINA: Your favorite clubs where you was performed 

VIV:   The show in the BEEHIVE(shanghai) thats my best memory.and 2019 in Croatia Ultra Europe boat party. The party gores there are all so passionate!