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Bean Boozled Fiery Five Challenge

The night grew thicker

The "Gate of Snack Paradise" opens on time

Full of snacks

It was neatly placed on the shelf

It glows seductively

Dazzling visual design and live effects 

Make Raver start for the weekend

"Friends Circle Photography Competition" concept creation


Music accompanied by ONE THIRD

Eating potato chips has become very rhythmic 

The Spice Girls/ Spice Boys are leading the little guys

To try the spicy challenge --️

Don't forget to turn on camera mode at any time

Capture all kinds of spicy emoji bags


RAVE while visiting the supermarket 

A well-designed corridor with ONE THIRD

Hilarity is second only to the field

Ravers are emptying the ONE THIRD supermarket

Snacks fly all over the sky, on-site hand-stitching speed

The 10-second sweep was intense


What's the funniest RAVE way you've ever seen?