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EXIT’s Asia 1st club development project

From the logo of EXIT, you will see 6 prominent fluorescent green spots which represent: FREEDOM / HARMONY / HOPE / INNOVATION / JOY / VIBRANCE.

That is the symbolisation of its Slogan “Entry for all happiness”.

EXIT’s Asia 1st club development project - a festival, that is held in 6 different clubs with massive lineups, representing world famous DJs. The first season was represented by such stars as Nervo and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.

1. Effinity - When live performances are being acted from different areas with separation of the artistes from time to time in same venue, that’s where affinity begins.

2. Elements - Deep bass & Ultra-low frequencies are essential elements in techno music which will let your body dance and stay with the rhythm.  Mobility of DJ booth in most directions to gain the most underground touch.

3. Elite - Multi purpose concept with combination of popular genres suitable performances areas. Unique waiting areas to let you preview the current ambience of the venue till you leave with memorable transportation.

4. Epic - Live concept with shape transforming stage, most of the tables surrounding dance floor so you’ll always be in front and center.

5. E Vogue - When trendy music and fashion collide, combination of latest tracks and seasonal outfits makes the vogue out of it. Concept of stylish lighting set up, customise visual artwork with different isolated dance areas to let your dressing & mood choose.

6. Evolution - All season proof open concept club when the roof have controllable sights from Opaque to translucent to transparent. Revolving bar and dance floor area to let you feel 2 different places.  

May 28-29 // Explore the final answer to pure music scene in a multicultural music culture

Electronic music seeks more emotional expression, Techno's sense of future technology, EDM's powerful appeal, Trance's psychedelic sense...

Different music expresses its unique tension, and the collision conveys dialectical and unified music thought.

EXIT chases the purest music content - choosing the three most iconic music styles of the day as the core of EXIT music, Techno Time, EDM Time and Trent Music Time, to cover the night timeline.

Starting from the music itself, the story content under the different music cultures is presented one by one. Multi-musical interpretation, multi-dimensional music scene, all-round to Raver's extraordinary party experience.

A.E.M.R.C Season #2

EXIT will link Mixmag and MKD

Two more Aryue and Pink Pandas are invited

Live interpretation of EXIT music!

Special Guest Resident

Exit's EDM time will not only lead players into the sharp dance tides with powerful and infectious electronic music, but will also invite world-class musicians to perform and bring the international mainstream electronic sound to the MUSIC scene of EXIT.

EXIT's two resident music consultants, Aryue and Pink Panda, will also be on the scene, in addition to TANK and KAKA, leading Star City Ravers to get a closer look at the infinite charm of electronic music.