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Read Now! Exclusive Interview with DJ GIGI LEE

Chinese-born Gigi Lee started her music journey with a passion for house music. She spent some time in the UK and immersed herself in the electronic music scene. Soon, she started spinning at parties and moved to Shanghai gracing the city with her attitude and boundless energy.  

In 2016, Gigi Lee started her first appearance by being voted “Shanghai IT GIRL: Uprising New Face in Music” by That’s It. Soon she was featured as “YOHO GIRL” by YOHO, then featured by ELLE. Later, she was invited to perform in South Korea. In the end of the year, Er Geng shot a documentary of her where she was called “The Gifted”. 

In 2017, Gigi Lee signed with Echo Records. Soon she was invited to work with Boiler Room and then to perform in Greece. 

In 2018, Gigi Lee started writing her own songs. Later this year, she was invited to work with Creamfields Festival in Xiamen, China.

In 2019, she was invited to work with Tomorrowland. Then she collaborated with American producer/rapper Lancifer for her bilingual electronic pop song What Should I Wear Today.  In end of the year, she was invited to perform this song for Weibo Annual Influencer Event. 
In 2020, Gigi Lee starts her transition to an original artist. In Feb, she  released her first trip-hop single ”Would You Be My Valentine”. In June, she was interviewed by Mixmag. In July, she released her deep house single “No More” with Greek producer G Spice, the track was featured “Best New Deep House” by Beatport. In Aug, she released her hip-hop single ”Please Please Please wear a mask”. In Sep, she released her jazzy hiphop single “Don’t Let Go”. 

End of 2020, Gigi Lee ranked #7 in DJANEMAG China and was interviewed by fashion magazine Grazia.

In 2021, Gigi Lee started the year with her brand new track Mango Mango delivering her “Mango Philosophy”. She appeared in top variety show Chao Liu He Huo Ren on IQIYI where she did a rap battle with top rapper Bao Kou Ge in China. Shortly after, she was featured on world’s best selling portrait photography magazine MOB Journal.

As an original artist, she doesn‘t limit herself with any specific genre but there is strong electronic and psychedelic influence in her sounds. With an artistic style and voice proper to her own, Gigi Lee definitely proposes an original takes in the Chinese music industry, she is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

DJANEMAG CHINA: How long have you been in music?
Gigi Lee: Long enough I guess :)

DJANEMAG CHINA: What would people be surprised to learn about you?
Gigi Lee: That I’m a pretty good cook lolz.

DJANEMAG CHINA: How much better has the industry got for female DJs?
Gigi Lee: As much as how It has got better for female in general.

DJANEMAG CHINA: What is your attitude to DJs rankings?
Gigi Lee: Doesn’t matter how much you rank, coz everyone Is their own No.1 :)

DJANEMAG CHINA: How would you describe the aesthetic of your mixes? How many hours do you usually spend selecting music? What influences your choice?
Gigi Lee: Sometimes it’s not even about time, its about depth. So I would say I spend enough time :) For me taste is very important, I enjoy fashionable, unique sounds that differ from other people.

DJANEMAG CHINA: Is there a DJ/artist you dream to do a collaboration with? 
Gigi Lee: Definitely Disclosure! I’d love to make some tracks with them.

DJANEMAG CHINA: What are your favorite clubs you've performed in?
Gigi Lee: Amber, the best after hour club in Shanghai. Haha back in the days, it’s gone now but Amber is the sh*t!

DJANEMAG CHINA: Any final words, wishes or announcements?
Gigi Lee: Peace yo!