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Exclusive interview with Ailia Chery

Djanemag :  How long have you been in music?

Ailia Chery : I studied classical piano since 4 as a kid, been playing keyboard for my life. But I started putting myself into electronic music industry was 2 years ago, well never too late. I will have to switch my mind and “critical thinking” from classical music to dance music… was confused but working on it now.

Djanemag :  What would people be surprised to learn about you?

Ailia Chery :  That I’m actually a trained musician not just pressing button on turn table? Lol. I got different sides of image tho. They can learn more about me if they really dig into my works.



Djanemag :  How much better has the industry got for female DJs?

Ailia Chery :  People started to realize that there are many female djs are just as good as male djs in terms of production/performance/skills etc.They pay more attention and respect to girls djs these days. Lucky me.



Djanemag :  What is your attitude to DJs rankings?

Ailia Chery :  It’s just ranking. There are lot more fun things besides the ranking.

Djanemag : How would you describe the aesthetic of your mixes? How many hours do you usually spend selecting music? What influences your choice?

Ailia Chery :  My mixes…. Guys you should come my live show once really. I usually spent half of a day just selecting songs and exploring new stuff. I guess every dj is hardworking.

Djanemag : Is there a DJ/artist you dream to do a collaboration with? 

Ailia Chery :   Diplo!!! And Chris lake yessss

Djanemag : Your favorite clubs where you was performed 

Ailia Chery :   Favorite club…. Ministry of Sound in London yess!!!

Djanemag : Any final words, wishes or announcements?

Ailia Chery : Set your alarm. I mma abt to release some bangers and emo things this year. Stay tuned.!!