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Troyi N Lokyii
Hong Kong
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TNL Biography


~ Troyi & Lokyii ~

TNL (Troyi And Lokyii) is a Hong Kong Duo DJ that was formed in 2016. Member DJ Troyi studied Music Production in the University of Australia, after returning to Hong Kong, has been working as a DJ and Producer . Whereas member Lokyii entered a modelling contest in 2012, and was a full time model until her first foray in DJ-ing in 2014. The two formed TNL in 2016, and were ranked Top China #5 by "DJaneMag" in the same year. They were invited to perform in Grand Openings and major events for numerous major global brands and were greatly acclaimed both in Hong Kong and internationally. In 2017, the pair started working in movies production in Hong Kong and Mainland China, and were ranked Top 10 sexiest Asian Female DJ Top #7 by "EDMDroid Music" media outlets.


"TNL Live" is an online tourism program launched by "Active Production' which is recorded by Hong Kong's well-knows DJ's: DJ Troyi and DJ Lokyii.This program merges the DJ industry with tourism, it shows the DJ's performing or attending shows within multiple countries and documents them exploring the cuisine and local attractions of each location. It's a reality show where people can enjoy and learn about music and travel experiences together!

One of the most exciting young upcoming female DJs in Hong Kong. A Hong Kong-British nationality holder, she was a music fanatic in her childhood years has remained since. The enormous amount of talent and potential in music has prompted her to further learn more into music: including music production; which in-turn developed her interest in being a DJ.

Troyi made her first steps into the DJ industry during her university years in Australia. Only using ONE year of self-learning, she evolved into one of the most sought-after talents As part of the party animal pack, DJ Troyi will be taking party experiences to the new extreme.

Having since relocated back to Hong Kong, Troyi vows to continue her DJ career and bring in THE NEW ULTIMATE ‘FANTASTIC’ PARTY EXPERIENCE through the mix of her hardcore music dedication and flawless techniques developed during her overseas exposure that generates the ability of seducing the whole crowd. 

Troyi has joined Active Production as an Executive Director after returning to Hong Kong. She is also repeatedly a designated DJ for Nike, Oakley, Levis, AIA, etc.