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Missy BG

Missy BG
Hong Kong
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852 96988850
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Missy BG Biography

BG childhood love of music, She starting learn DJ from 2011. DJ Missy BG is non-life An indispensable part of the music of the swing, BG her power of music into the music with turntables among . Music style Pop Dance, EDM...  BG favorite styles of freedom, is her most personal places,  Yi people often have to enter the high state, so that the audience in a line, Feel the music brings atmosphere.

BG Starting DJ excursion was held in HongKong,China,Taiwan go to each club DJ, including Club else, Club House, Dap Modern, VIP Bar, In Club, O2 Club, GoGo Club, DD Club, Club Six, DG Club, Homme Bar & Louge, M1 Bar (YL) M1 Bar (TST), M Plus II ,Why Club,VIP(LKF),Boss club Resident DJ 2016, Bb Club Car Show HONG KONG X-Cube(TAI CHUNG),HOCC(CHINA),IDEA DJ COMPETITION(TAIPEI),WAKEWES Hong Kong 2017 DJ