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KAMA Biography

KAMA loves music since she was a child; the long nurture of music not only developed her solid foundation, but also shaped out her unique music temperament. Kama already has a high reputation in the field since she started DJ on 2007, she is a combination of beauty and profession to be as a good DJ in China, she has been flying in the world of music with her soul, her sexy and her stage appeal, drive all her fans crazy. She is also been admired by some magazines due to aggressiveness and charming, took the most famous domestic magazine 《workshop Incar》, the magazine are well selling in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chongqing and other various major cities in China. on the road of music playing, Kama was instructed by the friend , By understanding the Trance, progressive house, tech house and EDM, Kama keep trying new and fusion, and finally started her own unique style music.With her solid foundation and the unique mixing techniques. Kama showed in many big performances for five thousand people size.Also performs in various high-end chain night-clubs, always drives fans to die. Under her music friends support, her first song 《pure heart》 is going to be published in Beatport (the world’s biggest must shop), this is the first time she got an such achievement and her name began to wide compliment in music field. Her potential capacity will be deeply developed, and get to the new stage. We all believe her shine and goal are there.