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DJ Romanova

DJ Romanova
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+7 (958) 401-97-98 / +374 91 753 732 WhatsApp
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DJ Romanova Biography

Kristina Romanova is a talented DJ and sound producer from Russia. Her insanely charming and amicable style has won the hearts of many passionate music followers. Her dynamic style in music allows her to accommodate to the different crowds and her impeccable attention to detail has allowed her to delve into making fresh new music for her audience. She is remarkably one of the best female DJ in Moscow and has scored a number of gigs in countries like Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia, Cyprus, Morocco, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Turkey, China. Currently she is living in China and performing as DJ in many clubs. 

Day by day she is pumping her skills with producing of sound tracks in EDM style. You can find her tracks on Beatport and Soundcloud. Recently her track T&F began the track of the Week on Spinnin Talent Pool. Twitter - “We don't get a lot of demos from female dj's so we want to celebrate that fact!  Positive feelings only!” - Spinnin Records. 

DJ NOVA continually plays on PDJTV also she was a SLASE FM radio resident and have a program name of TWERK Station. 

DJ Romanova is full of positive energy, charisma and beauty and she plays a wide range from pop, house, EDM, deep house to TWERK. In addition, she is also a sound producer and ex-member of FIJI DJs and Playgirldjs project in Russia. Therefore with her extensive DJ portfolio, it will be assured that she will bring a great and fun atmosphere to your club. Below are the links to her profile and her works for your reference.

Musical style: 
Dance / Deep House / Drum&Bass / Electro House / Hip-Hop / House / Pop / Tech House / Trap


Afisha DJanes Country City Club Date
DJ Romanova Malaysia KK MYNT 17/03/2018 23:30 View
DJ Romanova Russia Moscow Club Deniro 01/05/2018 23:30 View
DJ Romanova Nepal Kathmandu IBYZA Lounge & Bar 25/05/2018 23:30 View