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DJ Missy Cecibabe

Dj Missy Cecibabe
Hong Kong
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DJ Missy Cecibabe Biography


How about DJ Missy Cecibabe?My Career:
 Dj missy Cecibabe♫-The First "DVJ GIRL(HK)DJ Missy Cecibabe♫ 
Under the name "DJ Missy Cecibabe", she started her djing career back in 2009, spinning modern and old school music in the genre of Pop, HIP HOP, R&B, Electro, Dubstep and more. She started DJing full-time as residental and guest DJ for several clubs and bar, such as Magnum Club(LKF),Beijing Club(LKF),Billion Club(LKF), Club Cliq(LKF), Club Fever(LKF), Club Vertigo, Club Antique, GOSSIP 51, MIUSIK Club, O Two Club, PAX bar&lounge,GRAND CLUB,Otto Bar, Angel kiss bar, M1 bar, Club We, ME TOO Club, Moment cafe&club,Waver Club,Club Else,Car Club,NO.2 Club,Club Dragon,M-Zone, Club Dizzy,Club ZODIAC,Club Somnia,Club House,Club Rosanna,Club Dream,L Club,Club Counter,CYCLE CLUB,Club Loft,UFO,Club Dap,Club Face,CLUB A,Club Nirvana,Club Leboss,Club Re's,Club Kamar,UNCLE4,CLUB Prime,Club Moola,Club Momo,At Club, D2(澳門Macau), 東莞名士會(Dong guan),花都英皇Music Club(廣州Guang zhou),Me2 Club(順德Shun de),Evening show(深圳Shen zhen),AKA(LKF),Levels(LKF),Prive(LKF),Casa(LKF),Hype(LKF),Penthouse,Nova(LKF),Muse(Taipei臺北),Muse(高雄Kaohsiung),Muse(臺南Tainan),Dreams night Club(高雄Kaohsiung),Lava(臺北Taipei),X-Cube(台中Taichung),Theatre Live Music剧院(Malaysia),paparazzi(Malaysia),Balcony Club(Malaysia)
Aruk Club(Malaysia),Search(Malaysia),Sensation Of Sound ( S.O.S )(Malaysia),D'de edge Club(Penang),One Love DancingFest 灣樂音樂藝術節(Taiwan台灣),Miu Miu(中山zhong shan),Vivi(中山zhong shan),Sky21(澳門Macau),V Club(茂名Mao ming),Red face(深圳Shen zhen ),OPM Brisbane(澳洲Australia)Baby face(澳洲Australia),LUST(澳洲Australia),T2(Japan日本),One Oak Tokyo(日本Japan),Philppines.‬..etc‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬Dj Missy Cecibabe full time Dj, star tutor, opened Spicy Catz ASIA Dj school, opened Spicy Catz ASIA Ltd. Sexy little spicy Cats Asia Ltd

Student artists include:Him Law, Chen Rui-Rui Yuri Chan, Toby (MVG), Bibe (Super Gear), Kaii (Super Gear), WingB (Super Gear), Kinki (Super Gear), etc.

Spicy Catz ASIA - Major Performance City:China, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, Taiwan (February 2013-August linked to the different members of a month touring units, of which Cecibabe six times this year to be invited),Malaysia (February 2013-August linked to the different members of a month touring Malaysia, where Cecibabe four times this year to be invited)Cecibabe Hong Kong were invited to Japan to perform the first female dj

Dj missy Cecibabe♫-The First "DVJ GIRL(HK) Dj Missy Cecibabe will Absolutely Stun the Crowd for you