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DJ A$UKA Biography

DJ Asuka is a Professional dancer, and who has always been interested in music. And she has lot DJ friends famous in Shanghai and Asia! From 2009 start to learn DJ with personal time, and also followed each big popular nightclub DJ for learning. As a 12 years experience occupation dancer, Asuka is particularly keen insight into the music, so she started to play at various parties as DJ. By the end of 2009 she became a main DJ in night club. But she doesn't content to simply do a commercial DJ, so she began to study all kinds of DJ knowledge, inspirational to be a great DJ. Started to try a variety of different styles of mixing technique, contact with more different characteristics of the music. No matter Billboard Pop song or Electro, Deep house, Techno, Trap all became her learning field. In many events and parties of experience Asuka has finally started to have more opportunities, and in 2012 held in Shanghai the first strawberry Music Festival as guest DJ. In 2013 as the East China Sea Music Festival special guest DJ in Zhoushan which belongs to Zhejiang. Then performed in HONG KONG at the most famous clubs that Magnum and Beijing Club in September. SWith her special music style she will show to the fans her attitude and style, receive your welcome Asuka will use her unique thought about music to inspire people around her, and let you enjoy the music. 

For 8 years DJ life in SH, A$UKA is famous in both commercial clubs and underground clubs. She is parties organizer and promoter. Also started producing trap music in 2014. Been a professional dancer with more than 10years. Now she is the first person to promote and teach Twerking Dance in Shanghai.