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Chence Biography

: :\\Chence//:: Composed, confident and chic are just some of the words you can use to describe the beautiful German-Taiwan mixed Celine C with, music was destined to be her career and a star is what she’s fated to be. ::\\A hunger for music//:: Celine started developing an interest in music at a very young age, especially English music, she participated in many singing contests, school choirs and etc which inspired her interest in pursuing a musical career. Unfortunately for her, back in the days she did not have easy access to English music so she had to borrow cassette tapes and CDs from family and friends, which did not hinder her hunger for music. Disco, Funk, Hip Hop, R&B and Soul became some of her favorite genres through out school and beyond which eventually lead to her to pursue a DJing career after graduating, she first became a resident DJ as well as an online live streaming DJ which lead to her rising popularity in Taiwan as well as mainland China. ::\\The performance//:: Whether it’s on-stage or off-stage, glamor radiates from her, her musical style alike to her personality, is generally uplifting yet diverse, being able to mix and match music of the hottest genres nowadays such as Future House, Future Bass, Trap, Big Room and more with her personal favorites. Her ability to read the crowd and play according to what they prefer is unrivaled amongst even some of the popular female DJs in the city. When bathed in lights on stage, she is both beauty AND the beast, being able to perform with explosive energy whilst maintaining her elegance.
Musical style: 
House / Pop / Trap