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Exclusive Interview: EVO-K own world

EVO-K is currently among the up-and-coming European Electro House and Progressive House female music producers and the very first officially rising from Italy. EVO-K is a groundbreaking music source, is synonymous with outsider, is an ambitious project involving international DJs and artists. Appointed as the only Italian ambassadress for RELOOP DJs (Germany) together with Carl Cox, Oliver Koletzki and Phil Fuldner.The entry into the huge MTV family thanks to the brand new summer single “Soviet” proudly included in the hottest “POP MANIA TOP WORLD HITS 2015” release with the highly renowned Avicii, R3hab, StadiumX, Don Diablo, Pitbull, Ciara, Angelika Vee, Scooter & Vassy and Basement Jaxx. Testimonial for the American ELECTRIC FAMILY alongside the big names of Nicky Romero, Dash Berlin, Krewella, Cedric Gervais, Fedde Le Grand, Kygo, Markus Schulz, 3LAU and Borgore.

Djane EVO-K performs a massive EDM, Electro House / Progressive House LIVE DJ ACT: harmony between Deejaying, performing live, vocal skills and amazing ability to engage the crowd. A new charisma, no more male or female.... neither a standard act nor simply Djing. EVO-K is something unique, sparkling, itchy...definitely something you have not experienced yet!

DjaneMag: Who came up with your name? What does it mean?

EVO-K: First, I wanna say CIAO to all readers :) 
My art name EVO-K means “the EVO-lution of K-am” (Kam is my real name) and it stands for my artistic and stylistic evolution/metamorphosis/change happened a few years ago.

DjaneMag: Tell me please, how do you begin with music and DJing? Was it your dream from early years?

EVO-K: Yes, definitely my dream! I’ve loved music since I was a little girl… nay I think I was already madly in love with music in my mother's womb! My father was a rather famous Italian DJ so I grew up as a rock musician and singer. I then studied singing and music production at first in the Italian Academy of Modern Music and then, as a last step in LIPA (UK). I have always been highly passionate about electronic music and with the DJing world. Year after year, I have experienced studies, collaborations, several projects and works of various genres all music-related. My roots are 100% rock, but road doing…. I felt inwardly most belonging to EDM and that’s the reason why I did such a “radical metamorphosis” to give birth to my EVO-K project. (I would never go back!)

DjaneMag: Do you travel a lot? What countries or cities do you like most of all and why?

EVO-K: Yes, I am always on the road…luggage on a leash ;) but luckily I love traveling. Tops the list of my best memories, there is my very first North American tour: one of the most memorable experiences I've done! Maybe it was the magic of combining my music to the “American Myth”... but the overall experience was awesome, both for the kind of venues, the super positive feedbacks from the crowds when playing my own music and the spectacular charm of all cities I crossed. However, this year I had the great pleasure to do a long tour of Asia, from Sri Lanka to China, then India, Thailand and other beautiful Asian countries and I must confess the majesty of China and the uniqueness of India both for people's warmth in the dance floor but also in my everyday life spent there, combined in such as ineffable landscapes made me fall in love. I can’t wait to go back again!

DjaneMag: Do you think that «Dj world» is men's world? In your opinion is it harder for girl to become famous Dj?

EVO-K: Oh well. That thorny question! I cannot say that «Dj world» is a totally men's world. But as a female musician working in the music industry I have learned so many hard lessons and still more will come! This for sure. For a female DJ & music producer, it’s quite hard to establish yourself in the music industry (in Italy I can even say that it’s impossible). Undoubtedly the cause of this sad problem is the shoddy quality of many females-made music productions, combined with the obvious fact that the HUB of the EDM world is still dominated by male producers. Moreover, in so many countries the wave of “sexy djanes” has severely damaged the pure EDM scene and quality of EDM nightlife. I can say with knowledge that as a female Dj and music producer, every day you need to sweat twice or thrice to achieve almost the same result as male DJs/producers.

DjaneMag: What challenges have you faced being a female DJ and how did you overcome them?

EVO-K: It’s a much bigger challenge to be a credited female Dj Producer, than a simply female DJane spinning in the clubs. I also think that the Music industry is still a little skeptical about DJanes-Producers thanks to the “male monopoly” still very strong in the international scene. Add to this, the significant amount of fake female djs and the final results is quite obvious: you have double doors to open and breaking into a sweat to gain credibility and a solid position in the industry.

DjaneMag: Could you describe your feelings when you play music?

EVO-K: Not really! ;) For me it’s too magical, abstract, deep, mystical…. to be simplistically described in words! Playing music and especially my own music it’s like a narcotic river of emotions. The interaction and connection with your crowd, the thrill of seeing so many people dancing and screaming with your music, cross gazes and feel the emotions. It is something that goes far beyond a description. It is a world characterized by an unbelievable communication channel….. it’s my own world.

DjaneMag: What’s the most difficult thing about your job?

EVO-K: Honestly, I would not talk about “serious difficulties” also in respect of much more harder jobs. In a way, I would say in our DJs & Producers’ jobs we are privileged, lucky. But in my case if I have to choose an objective difficulty of my “Music Life”, this could be being a female in a male highly oriented world. I repeat. And I would also add that unlike many other works, in Music you have no certainties or stability about “your tomorrow”. You can only live your present.

DjaneMag: Do you have any exclusive news for readers at this moment you wanna share?

EVO-K: Three previews exclusively for are: my “Destination Tour 2015” will come back to Asia in one or even two different moments and I am too excited about this! The second preview is that after the big success recently happened with the new single “Soviet” written and produced together with the half German and half English talented producer Kaizer out now in the iTunes charts on the same CD’s release with Avicii, R3hab, StadiumX, Don Diablo, Pitbull, Ciara, Angelika Vee and soon after, signed to the huge MTV family for the “Pop Mania Top World Hits 2015”, we are about to launch another crazy Melbourne Bounce molotov! Hold on wet! And last but not least, save this hot date: September 28th, 2015. The new song “On The Way To India” with the upstream Russian Mattis Coe will be out on the American charts dominatrix ‘Tech D Records’ for an unmissable tribute to India. Get ready!

DjaneMag: Can you share your dreams and plans for future? What would you like to achieve?

EVO-K: I am working on 4 new songs (3 original mixes and 1 remix) and I will further turn my sound into something slightly different and more stylish (always Electro House and Progressive House though!), I am chasing my new captivating interest to the ethnic and tribal sounds. I am used to used to living day-to-day: always working to express myself best through my Music, both in producing and performing live. Whereas, talking about a little farther future, a little dream of mine is to tour Australia bringing there my EVO-K project for the first time. And my great dream is to work side by side in studio with one of my idols co-producing a huge EDM anthem!

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